Facilities ans services

A comprehensive range of services is in the offing

Roscoff Marina is fully provided with essential facilities and services.
Private service providers will soon complete the picture:

  • bars, launderette, chandlery, restaurants, etc. in buildings built to HEQ standards.
  • Sheltered wintering, maintenance, repairs, hire, boat sales, storage, tools, and other specialist services will soon be available in buildings in the vicinity.

Boat hauling, launching and maintenance

The up-to-date facilities and generous scale of the Roscoff marina greatly facilitate manoeuvring:

  • a travel boat hoist (up to a maximum of 50 tonnes, 6m width & 30m length)
  • the crane can dismast or remast yachts, hoist small racing boats, engines, and other heavy components up to a limit of 2 tonnes
  • a trailer (submersible mobile cradle) for getting small craft in and out of the water from the slipway - for use by port staff
  • the launch jetty is exceptionally wide (20m)
  • both lift and slipway are accessible in all tides, including lowest spring tides
  • a hard standing area of 6000 m2 is available all year round
  • an area of 3000 m2 nearby serves as a car park for tow vehicles used to launch boats in summer; in winter it serves as hard standing
  • both these areas are equipped with water and electricity supply points.

Waste sorting and recycling

The Port of Roscoff has been designed with a view to sustainable development. Everything possible has been implemented to preserve water quality:

  • run-off water from the hard standing areas is collected and treated in a separator/decanter
  • a special waste room facilitates the collection of waste from the hard standing areas: battery cells, oil, oil filters, dirty rags, paint materials, etc
  • leakage from petrol and diesel pumps is also collected
  • yachtsmen are requested to empty household wastewater (dishwater), sanitary wastewater (toilets/washrooms) and bilge water into the designated tanks
  • near the harbour office, three bins facilitate the sorting of other waste (glass, recyclable materials & household waste).

Quayside facilities

All the facilities required by yachtsmen are to be found here:

  • 16 amp power hook-ups and drinking water (Staubli taps) on all jetties
  • 16 and 32 amp power hook-ups and drinking water on the service pontoon
  • Unleaded 95 petrol and diesel pumps on the service pontoon
  • lifts and trolleys are available on request
  • 2 blocks with 2 toilets, accessible to PRM, are provided along the jetties
  • 25 showers and 17 toilets, accessible to PRM, as well as sinks, are provided near the harbour office (card access)
  • a short-stay car park can be used free of charge for 30 mins for loading and unloading boats.
  • Nearby: free unmanned car park with 375 spaces, 109 of which are reserved for port users and PRM
  • free WiFi access

Passeport Escales (berth share scheme)

Roscoff Marina is a member of the Passeport Escales network.
The principle is simple: the port offers you overnight berthing in other participating ports, such as Morlaix Marina. In exchange, you declare your periods of absence: your berth can then be rented out to visiting craft.
You get the most out of your sailing, and benefit from advantages offered by nautical companies and tourism providers.
More information available from the harbour office
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LOGO transEuropeMarinas

Since the first of January 2014 Roscoff marina is member of TransEurope Marinas network.

The principle of the network : a group of select marinas offering reciprocal visitor discounts to their berth-holders. Member marinas provide cruising Benefits throughout a wide network of International marine destinations. Cardholders boaters receive a discount of 50% off the stops to 5 nights per year and per port when calling another member Transeurope Marinas port.
Mutual benefit will naturally consented to Roscoff visitors carry a membership card from another marina group. Inquire at the Harbour Office
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