The small ports and mooring sites in the Bay of Morlaix, of which there are eight, are natural shelters that in several instances boast man-made improvements; the quays, piers, slipways, etc., originally built for fishing or for trade, today make inviting harbours, ideal for explorers both on the water and on dry land.

Île-de-Batz (Enez Vaz in Breton)

“When it's wet, I go walking in the rain. When it's fair, the air is sky blue. It rains a lot. The rain doesn't fall from the cloud - the cloud itself strolls along the ground. When it rains, I walk, and I'm hungry. I breathe and I want to sing…” Jacques Henri Lartigue, Séjour à l’Île de Batz, summer 1920, published by Les Murs d’Alysses

Inquiries to Île-de-Batz Town Hall (Mairie): +33 (0)2 98 61 77 76

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Locquirec, the ideal beach

All it took was a film in 1977 - Hôtel de la plage (The Beach Hotel) - for this small seaside resort in North Finistère to gain the unshakeable reputation of Brittany's Perfect Family Resort. The site's unique character derives from its pretty sheltered port beach, a stone's throw from the church, its rocky cliff beach at the Corbeau Headland, and the Douron Estuary which, when uncovered at low tide, makes Locquirec a prized fishing-ground for fishermen on foot.

5deep-water buoys and 5grounding buoys for visitors.
Inquiries toLocquirecTown Hall (Mairie): +33 (0)2 98 67 42 20

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Plouescat – Porsguen, in Brittany's "Golden Belt" region

In the foreground is the rocky coast, lined with white sandy beaches and massive dunes. Beyond it is a countryside rich with cauliflowers and artichokes – the local source of prosperity – and strewn with manors and megaliths.
Navigating around the rocks is not easy, particularly in a strong northerly or north-westerly wind. Grounding in Pors Guen is recommended in fair weather. The port entrance is only accessible at high tide. Take a southerly/westerly course around the red and white safe-water mark at Peven Rock until in sight of the lateral mark. Visitor mooring for 3 boats at the port entrance. Porsguen is a grounding port only.

Inquiries to Plouescat Town Hall (Mairie): +33 (0)2 98 69 60 13

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Plouézoc’h - Dourduff, in the shadow of Barnenez

Plouézoc’h, by the mouth of Morlaix River, has a varied ambience, including a gem of a port at Dourduff-en-Mer. History buffs may prefer Cairn de Barnenez, one of Brittany's most prestigious prehistoric sites, while adventure-lovers will undoubtedly be drawn to the Château du Taureau and Île Noire (Tintin's Black Island).

Visitor berths subject to availability.
Inquiries tothe Town Hall (Mairie): +33 (0)2 98 67 27 22

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