The small ports and mooring sites in the Bay of Morlaix, of which there are eight, are natural shelters that in several instances boast man-made improvements; the quays, piers, slipways, etc., originally built for fishing or for trade, today make inviting harbours, ideal for explorers both on the water and on dry land.

Plougasnou at Diben, where crustaceans rule!

The Spinner's Bed on Primel Headland reminds us how, once upon a time, a fairy would spin on the sharp rocks where she liked to cause shipwrecks. She was chased away by Saint Primel and found refuge on the Plateau de la Méloine, out to sea from Plougasnou, where the foam during bad weather is a reminder of her continuing activity.

17 buoys reserved for visitors.
Restructuring of the port by Greater Morlaix Council in progress.
Inquiries to the port authorities: +33 (0)2 98 72 33 82

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Plougasnou – Térénez, a viewpoint over the bay

As people at Plougasnou have observed, the sea and the land are pitched in such rivalry here that there are as many rocky headlandsas inhabitants. As a result, the local population is broadly scattered over the 22 km of coastland, mainly around the scenic viewpoints offered by Morlaix River, westwards towards Térénez, and around Saint-Jean-du-Doigt on the Pink Granite Coast.

Buoys: 8 visitor berths.
Contact Plougasnou Town Hall (Mairie): +33 (0)2 98 67 30 06

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Sibiril at Moguériec: a castle for ford

The Guillec Valley, the Port of Moguériec, the pretty Port-Neuf cove … From a wooded park not far off, the Château de Kérouzéré – one of Brittany's most beautiful fortresses – has been surveying its domain since the 15th century.
The eastern part of the quay is reserved for visitors.

Inquiries to Sibiril Town Hall (Mairie): +33 (0)2 98 29 91 57

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The charming peninsula of Carantec

At the heart of the Bay of Morlaix is Carantec, a small town thatowes its existence to the water and the seaside-loving visitors that began flocking here over a century ago. Perched on the headland, at the tip of the peninsula squeezed in between the rivers Morlaix and Penzé, the market town looks down on waters whose nautical activity has coined some fine legends, dominated by the humble Optimist sailboat.

1 or 2 designated visitor buoys to the north-west of the boating centre, near the white-painted Roche St Carantec.

Inquiries to Carantec Nautisme, Plage du Kelenn: +33 (0)2 98 67 01 12

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