Accommodation and restaurants

Taste the fruits of the soil and of the sea!

The Bay of Morlaix is comparable to an enormous fish-pond in a vast kitchen garden! With the rich produce of the sea and of the soil, sold ultra-fresh in the shops and markets, local chefs have at hand the finest raw materials from which to elicit their gastronomic creations.

A few local specialities

A holiday in the Bay of Morlaix is the ideal opportunity to indulge in a seafood platter, sample edible sea grass (Salicornia Europea) or seaweed tartare, then yield to the temptation of a few sweetmeats: sugary-buttery treats, amongst which an absolute must is kouign aman ("pure butter cake") - irresistible with its crisp caramelized puff pastry!
Crêpes and buckwheat pancakes (galettes) are served with the most inventive fillings imaginable, but the old favourites appear on every menu: butter and sugar crêpes/egg, ham and cheese galettes.
The kig a farz ("meat and flour" in Breton), a traditional dish, is a beef and pork hock stew with carrots, leeks, cabbage, onions, turnips and, last and not least, a sealed bag filled with buckwheat flour (farz), all simmered in stock. It can be eaten as it comes, or served with lipig, a melted-butter sauce with diced bacon and shallots. Quite a welcome dish after a day on the ocean wave!

Choice accommodation

Perhaps you need a night on solid ground with a few creature comforts or lodging for your crew before boarding? Maybe you'd like to spend a few days visiting the region after disembarkation? Gîtes, hotels, campsite chalets and mobile homes, holiday homes, apartments, villas, furnished studios, and charming, unusual and characterful properties are all available all year round.
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